Aug 282012

Well considering that Jup had his Op this morning you would think he would be sulking or being very quiet curled up somewhere, not our Jupiter! Currently causing mayhem at an undisclosed location. Poor Tia’s had her leg’s nibbled at and Io is being chased up in to the beams and across all the work surfaces! Other than he keeps licking at where his ‘crown jewel’s’ used to be, you’d never know.

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Aug 262012

We couldn’t be more pleased with Io & Jupiter’s first Show.

Io had not been eating much due to being in Call in the week up to the show and looked so small next to the competition for her class. At 4 months she was a little young but we felt that it would be good for her to get some experience. Not expecting much, Io wow’d us with how she took the whole day in her stride, completely unfazed. At one point we had to gee her up a little as she was dead to the world a sleep! She came away with 2nd in her Breed Class, a further 2nd and a 3rd in her side classes.

Jupiter was the consummate professional and natural show boy, being very interested in all who decided to come and visit him. We couldn’t believe when he came away from the show winning not only his Breed Class, obtaining Best in Class, 2 other 1st’s, a 2nd and a 3rd. Being placed in all his classes…. very happy parents 🙂

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Aug 222012

Whilst fully aware that Tonks are promiscuous little Minx’s I did not see Io coming in to call at 4months and 3weeks. With Jupiter still entire, I think we’ll be having to bring forward his Neutering op. and seeing about her having the injection or Ovarid …. time for a trip to the Vet’s tomorrow and booking Jupiter in!…. #itsgoingtobealongnight

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