Jan 232013

Thank you to Mrs J Jones for Jupiter’s lovely comments;

Pedigree Pet Breed Class -SH AC Kitten Male

2nd McNALLY-ROBERTS’ JUPITER (SH – Blue pted) M 5mths
This well grown Siamese lookalike ran the winner very closely, just a whisker between them! Wedge head with large well set ears and pale blue eyes. Firm body, long legs and tail. Fine short coat, almost clear with dark blue points colour. Another purrbox who enjoyed a cuddle. Excellent condition and presentation.

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Jan 232013

Thank you to Di Harper for her lovely comments regarding Io:


1 & BOB  Mr J & Mrs N McNally-Roberts’, TONKYWAY 10, (74a), F. · 01.04.2012- A very sweet girl of good type, she has a large, moderate wedge head, fairly wide top and large well set ears, correct profile break, whisker break, firm chin and level bite, bluey green eyes of correct shape and set, long firm body, long legs  and oval paws, long tail. Short fine, close lying, bluish grey coat, that has gently merging darker blue points. A friendly girl well presented in excellent condition.

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Jan 232013

Thank you to Mr Emery for Jupiter’s lovely comments

MC Mr J & Mrs N McNally-Roberts, JUPITER MN Chatty short haired bluepoint boy just 9 mths old lovely blue eyes very good nature he could not stop purring & paddy paws us, he had a very nice soft coat, with excellent bluepoints & was a real star!

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