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Titantonks Kittens About Us
I believe that any prospective kitten slave wants to understand the mindset of the people that they are buying a kitten from. That the kittens have been bred for the ‘right’ reasons and given the very best start in life. With that in mind, I have written a relatively brief synapsis within this About Us page as to why I started to breed Tonkinese, what  my motives are and a little about my background. Should you have further questions about how TITANTONKS came to be, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Why Breed Tonkinese?

For as long as I can remember I have always had a strong affiliation with animals. Over the years I have tried to find many ways to get my animal fix, including completing my BSc(Hons) in Zoology in 2003. But I knew I would never be satisfied unless I found a way to work and be with animals on a daily basis.

By 2010 my tribe was 4 strong with Tia my Miniature Pinscher puppy and 3 cats, Matilda, Phoebe & Willow. Matilda was a Brown and White Tabby pedigree Norwegian Forest Cat, who I loved dearly and had a special connection with. Sadly in 2011 she was run down by a car and did not survive. I was heartbroken and as much as I wanted one, I could not bare the idea of another Wegie.

I started to trawl the internet, and spent a long time searching for the right cat who I hoped to have that connection with again. This is how I came to meet the Tonkinese breed. We had arranged to see some crossbreed kittens, by a breeder who’s queen had escaped. Their offspring were the most gorgeous Tortie colours with purples, blues and reds. But their owner made a fatal mistake before she showed us these kittens; she took us in to the main house, where we met her Tonkinese & Siamese tribe. We were immediately used as rubbing posts and couches for the girls to lie on. I had never met such friendly, human orientated and gentle cats. Their gorgeous face shapes, not too angular or round either. Their slightly almond eye shapes which reminded me a little of the Wegie I had lost so recently. And their soft, silky coats, ranging in patterns from Solids, Pointeds and Minks, like nothing else I’d ever seen. I was hooked.

I was looking for a cat that wanted to be interested in me, to fill the void Matilda had left, in the end I found a whole surrogate family whom I dote on to this day, but I also knew I’d found the breed for me. Having a strong background in genetics at University I had a natural curiosity regarding the unusual genetic makeup of the Tonkinese breed. The more I delved in to the Tonk history and breed in general the more I wanted to know and the more involved I wanted to be. We had already asked to be on the waiting list with our chosen breeder but as we slowly got more involved, attending shows with her cats the more we knew we wanted to be involved in Showing and Breeding too.

On the 28th June 2012 our very first Breeding Queen, Tonkyway Io and her Brother, Tonkyway Jupiter, our neuter boy, were entrusted to us by Julie Singleton. I will never be able to thank Julie for all the support and guidance she has provided us with and our beautiful little lady and handsome little man whom we can’t wait to get to know better.

Our Passion

Our aim is to breed outgoing, healthy kittens with loving personalities that conform as closely as possible to the Tonkinese Standard of Points of the GCCF. We will do our up most, to do what is right, for our Tonks and ultimately, what is right for our breed.

The old adage that you can’t get enough of a Tonk is certainly true as we have since added to our Tonk Tribe with Chocolatedot Nemesis – Nemo. She is a 2nd Gen Brown Mink Tonk, and is growing in to a lovely, muscular, balanced and above all affectionate madam. We look forward to watching this little monkey grow up.

Natalie McNally-Roberts