Master Cat Tonkyway Jupiter



74av TOS a 33

MC Tonkyway Jupiter

Jupiter is Io’s full brother and our neuter boy. Jupiter was John’s favourite throughout getting to know all of Venus’ litter (Io and Jupiter’s mum), when the opportunity arose to bring this little man home, we snapped him up. Not only is he stunning but he has the most soft and gentle nature. As soon as you lock eyes with him he begins to purr and he loves nothing more than a tickled belly. Jupiter shows no fear, not in meeting our other cats, or Tia our dog. He’s a good influence on Io too, showing her more cautious nature that it’s safe and all OK, just like a big brother should.
As Jupiter is Io’s full brother, he is also 5th Generation and registered with the GCCF, however as he is Pointed coat pattern, he is registered as CSREF and currently only eligible to be shown in the Colourpointed Pattern Assessment Class with the GCCF. The Tonkinese Breed Club is currently working closely with the GCCF to promote the Colourpointed Pattern and Burmese Colour Restriction coat patterns to Championship Level, the same as the Tonkinese Colour Restriction (Mink Coat Pattern). The GCCF have now granted Championship Status to the Colourpointed Pattern Tonkinese and there will soon be classes at shows for eligable CCP Tonk’s – which is exellent news.

30/3/13 We’re ecstatic to announce that Jupiter achieved Master Cat status today at the Kernow Cat Club Show, obtaining his 3rd Master Cat Certificate. Who’s a clever boy then!

27/9/14 Jupiter achieved his 4th Merit at the South Western Counties Cat Club Show and is now classes as a qualifier for promotion of the coat pattern  to Championship Level. As there are also now enough qualifiers an application can be submitted – soon we will see Colourpoint Pattern Tonks in the main classes!