Phoebe is the old lady of the house having been with me since 2003, Lady being the operative word. She is a shy and reserved character which, looks over her domain and makes sure everything is in order. She looks at young Willow with distain and a sense of irritation at her immaturity. But with all her airs and graces Phoebe’s inner kitten can’t help but come out when the laser toy is in use. Either that or she has a mad 5 minutes and runs like a loony around the cottage. Her favourite pastimes include bathing in the hot sun on the patio, being brushed…. of which there cannot ever be enough, and following you around like a dog. She has even been known to play fetch with her ball toys and squeak at you to throw them again. Most recently Phoebe has taken on the role of surrogate mum to Io and Jupiter, showing her softer side and adopting our two little Tonks without batting an eyelid. I’m sure Phoebe will be around for many more years to keep order in the house and make sure everyone is in their place.