Poisonous Plants


Not many people are fully aware of the breadth of plants which are toxic or harmful to their cats. Below is a list of various plants that at the time of printing were known to be poisonous.

Flowering Plants
 Poisonous part
Monkshood All
Autumn Crocus or Meadow Saffron All esp. corm and seed
Lily of the Valley All
Larkspur Seeds and leaves
Foxglove All
Christmas Rose (Hellebore) All
Iris – Blue Flag All
Lupin All esp. seed
Narcissus & Daffodil Bulb
American Mandrake All esp. green berries


Flowering Plants
 Poisonous part
Rhubarb Leaves
Potato All greave parts


Ornamental Shrubs and Trees
Poisonous part
Broom Seeds
Mezereon (Daphne) All esp. bark and berries
Laburnum All esp. bark and seeds
Cherry Laurel All
Rhododendron & Azalea Leaves and flowers
Kalmia & American Laurel Leaves and flowers
Calico Bush & Sheep Laurel Leaves and flowers
Yew Leaves and seeds


Weeds and Hedgerow Plants
Poisonous Part
Deadly Woody Black & Garden Nightshade All
White & Black Bryony All
Greater Celandine All
Thorn Apple (Datura) All
Spindle All
Spurges All
Privet Berries and leaves
Buttercup & Crowfoot Sap


Woodland Plants
Poisonous Parts
Fly Agaric (Amantia) All
Panther and Death Cap All
Cuckoo Pint All esp. berries
Lords and Ladies All esp. berries
Wild Arum All esp. berries
Spurge Laurel All esp. berries and bark
Dog’s Mercury All
Oak Acorn and leaves
Poison Ivy All


Swamp Plants
Poisonous Parts
Marsh Marigold Sap
Kingcup Sap
Cowbane All
Hemlock and Water Dropwort All esp. new leaves


House Plants
Poisonous Parts
Dumb Cane All
Poinsettia Sap  leaves flowers and fruit
Hyacinth Bulb
Caster Oil Plant Seeds
Mistletoe Berries


This article was written some years ago. Please make your own checks to reflect current knowledge when buying plants or allowing your own cats near to them.