Tia aka Suebermann Taboo

Tia is our Miniature Pinscher puppy. I say puppy, being born in 2010 she’s now over 2 and is definitely going through her adolescence with a vengeance. I have never known an animal be so strong willed and intelligent. I swear she can speak and understands perfectly what you say. Unfortunately she also knows her own mind and tries to ignore you or push her luck, regardless of hours of dedicated training. She likes nothing more than a walk down the beach or going out for a long run with her dad, on whom she dotes. There is never a quiet moment with Tia around and without her the cottage just seems empty. She can be soppy, on the point of pathetic, whilst always playing the fool and making you laugh – really she’s just a little sweetie, just don’t tell her I said that!